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Five advantages of thermal lining for roman blinds

Autumn is in full swing with days becoming shorter and colder. Bills tend to rise over the autumn-winter period so why not to give your home an upgrade that will also help you to keep more money in your pockets.

We have composed a list of top five facts explaining why you should enhance windows of your home with thermal lined Roman blinds:

1. Design and functionality

You do not have to sacrifice design for functionality as thermal lined Roman Blinds come in a wide range of fabrics and colours. You can choose a pattern to suit your style.

2. Save money and time

This one is obvious but can be underestimated. Thermal lined Roman Blinds can save you energy costs and time that you could spend on finding cheaper energy suppliers. It is a quick solution to prevent heat loss and save money. Two significant benefits at the same time is a 100% win.

Thermal lined roman blinds3. Increase opacity

Thermal lined Roman Blinds can increase the opacity of the blind reducing the amount of light entering the room.

4. Keep it cool

Another advantage of thermal lined Roman Blinds – they are not just good for keeping your home warm over winter but can help to maintain the heat out in the summer.

5. Reduce noise

Thermal lined Roman Blinds will contribute to reducing the unwanted noise of the outside world. 

Thermal lined Roman blinds are a stylish and practical solution for your home or office. Swift Direct Blinds have a good range of Roman blinds. Order yours now or request free samples.